About This Site 

This web site is an attempt to bring together a variety of my passions: lessening my impact on our Earth, gardening, cooking, photography, web development, teaching, learning, sharing, and entrepreneurism.

I hope this will be a resource where you can:

  • Find out about Iowa farmers and purchase from them
  • Discover restaurants that serve seasonal, locally produced food
  • Find seasonal recipes
  • Learn from my successes and failures growing food as locally as it can get (our backyard)
  • Learn about people that are improving their community through sharing food and food production

In future phases I hope to provide an energy efficient way for customers to order from farmers and have their orders delivered.

About Brandon 

I grew up on a small farm in south central Iowa. My parents still raise cattle there, and have fruit trees and a large garden. I graduated from Cornell College with a degree in International Business in ’94, yet was also president of the Environmental Club. I’ve gradually come to see the irony in that — however, my international interests have always been towards travel and learning about other cultures as opposed to working for a large multinational.

Today I am a Husband and Father of three (Duncan-9, Emma-6, Elise 10 months); web programmer and photographer for a small marketing firm in West Des Moines. I spend a lot of time gardening organically and trying to think up ways to support my family while lessening our impact on the environment.

A couple of years ago I learned about the Peak Oil issue and have been trying to prepare for a world that has less and less liquid fuels available.

You can contact me at brandon@thinkglobaleatlocal.com

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